My mind-body-spirit autobiography ‘Life and Soul’ is available now through all good booksellers.

For a relationship to thrive 1 + 1 should equal more than two. But all too often it equals less thank 2.
I’m far too religious to belong to a religion.
In an ideal world people will do what they want to want to do.
down again where the wide size of the sea meets the sky in a blue blush

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John Hendry’s ‘Life and Soul’ Newsletters are always thought provoking and often real mini works of art. If you ever need reminding that it is people not things that matter, then read one. International Lawyer
Gently provocative, often amusing, always informative, the Newsletters permit us to glimpse both the life of the man and the man’s inner life.  Juxtaposing personal observations with favourite quotes from the wise and witty, he invites us along on a not too strenuous quest to find out what it is to be human. Poet
Life and Soul’ inspires and takes you down interesting thought-provoking patterns, often amusing, sometimes historical, and occasionally quite challenging …  Newsletters that are refreshing to open among all the uninvited junk that appears from nowhere.   I know, when ‘Life and Soul’ arrives, that I’ll be in for an intriguing read. Counsellor
‘Life and Soul’ Newsletters are a joy.   They show you life from a quirky perspective and touch your heart. Granny/Drama Lecturer
‘Life and Soul’ Newsletters are a joy.  They know no boundaries.   They take a refreshing look, including at areas that have taboos attached.   They reflect a strong personality. Careers Advisor (retired) / Folk Singer

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UK prisons are overflowing so the Regime – a military dictatorship – decide to open a penal colony for political prisoners on an island south of the Scillies.   In time Prison Island evolves into a sexually liberated, idealistic, communal utopia.   The Regime, embarrassed by world interest, decide to infiltrate the Island with thugs imprisoned for crimes of violence, whose brief is to take over the Island by what appears to be a self-generated civil war, showing that idealistic utopias are doomed to implode of their own volition.   What happens afterwards is a test of the resolve of the Islanders and the insurgents.

‘Prison Island’ is a pacey adventure full of enlightened debate, eroticism, and action in language that repeatedly reaches for the ineffable and grasps the sublime.


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