My father died on 29th September.   On 20th October I did a thirty minute session with a spiritual medium.   She is about forty, trim and attractive but not showy.   She has an air of thoughtfulness and experience.  Wherever you met her, you would recognise that she might well prove to be unusual in some way.   She knew nothing about me or my family.

She explained that she is ‘clairsentient’ – operating via feelings. She used ‘angel cards’ and invited me to choose seven randomly from the pack.   At different stages through the session she would turn a card over as if for inspiration … almost using them for inspiration when things went a bit quiet in the ‘world of spirit’.   She turned one card over and said ‘You are rich … I don’t mean financially … I mean in your life. You’ve got a love for a new way of life … an ongoing thing … a very spiritual thing’.   (At the very least she was right on the money with ‘I don’t mean financially’!)   Another card prompted ‘You’re a very spiritual person … but sometimes you try too hard.   Everything’s coming around that you’ve been hoping for for a long time’.  

The first spirit visitor was my old granny in Heckmondwike: ‘She’s in her pinnie.   She’s bringing in a lot of love for you’.

Next came my mother: ‘I see wavy hair, a good head of hair, attractive lady.   I see Ormskirk, Southport … she’s showing them to me. (1) There are sea-gulls.   She’s bringing tremendous love and compassion for you.   She says there was a distance between you at the end.   She’s saying ‘I’m sorry’.   She found it difficult … things unsaid … ‘You had a difficult time’.   There’s sadness.   Mum and son weren’t as close as they should have been.   She’s showing me books … all sorts of books. (2)   She’s glad that the relationship between you and your children is better than the relationship between your parents and you’.

(After a few moments regarding my three children she went on to my new grandchild): ‘You’ve got a grandson.   Should be another grandchild soon.   I’m not saying it’s conceived yet … but one coming fairly shortly’.

 My granny returned: ‘She has a compassionate, loving side to her.   She still wants to do that for you.   When she died, she was ready to go.   She walks with you.   You walk a lot, don’t you?   You do a lot of thinking while you’re walking.   She listens to you’.

‘There’s a gentleman coming forward.   You’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster recently.   That’s the power card … you have the power to go through it. The gentleman finds it difficult to express himself.   My breathing’s laboured.   He’s terminally ill.   He’s putting his glasses on.   Is he in a coma?   He wants you to know that, even when he was in a coma, he knew that you were there.   I never hear him saying ‘Sorry’.   Difficult for him to say ‘Sorry’.   Keeps himself to himself.   A very private gentleman.

(She puts her hand to her brow.) He’s touching my hair here.   Don’t know why.   He keeps doing it.   Touching my forehead. (3)

Something happened … you were 20 … 20-24 … something must have happened. (4)

He says he’s missed out on your family a lot … he’s showing me your three children growing up and he’s aware that he wasn’t around.

He’s acknowledging a grandson … a special little boy.   Still little.

There’s a celebration coming up … an anniversary … a birthday … three weeks max. (5)

He’s listening to music … nice music … classical piano.   Did he enjoy his garden? (6) He’s taking me to a garden.   Roses.   He’s quite good at growing.   He’s now tending this beautiful garden.   Now he’s absolutely fine.   Fruit trees abundant with fruit.   He’s able to do that now – quite happy in what he’s doing.

He’s trying to send some healing … someone with a neck pain? (7) He’s showing me the different seasons … the colours.   He’s showing me beautiful landscapes, the sea, cliffs and mountains.   He loves it.   He’s taking me to Lancashire. (8)

You have a great gift for clairvoyance but you don’t use it.   You meditate?   (‘Yes’) … Do you see beautiful colours?   (‘No’) Then do it properly!

I’m being given an apple pie.   It’s your father.   He’s extending the fruit trees to an apple pie for you.   It’s a lovely apple pie.

He’s now a fit man again.   Quite smart.   In his last days he wasn’t as smart as he likes to be.   Now he’s clean-shaven, shirt, tie.   Is there a Forces connection?   (‘Yes’)   On father’s side.   Did he have a brother? (‘Yes’) (9) They’ve been reunited in the world of spirit.   Their Mum is standing behind them.   Smaller than them.   A lot of support from Dad’s side of the family.   They’re very much around you.   I’m not sure your way of life would be their way of life. Your life is rich and full. They’re very proud of you.   Your Dad is incredibly proud of you … of what you’ve become. But he couldn’t say it. He’s proud of what you’ve done with your family compared with him.’

*         *         *

  1. My mother spent her last 20 years in Southport during which time her brother worked in Ormskirk.
  2. My mother and I were avid readers of books.
  3. At my father’s bedside, as he lay terminally ill, I would hold his hand and stroke his brow.
  4. My parents separated when I was 19.
  5. The date of the session was 20th October.   On 10th November young Riley will be 1 and my father would have been 94.
  6. My father was always a keen gardener and developed a love of classical music.
  7. On two occasions that week I massaged Anthea’s neck and shoulders in an attempt to relieve pain.
  8. My father, too, spent his last 20 years in Southport.
  9. Both brothers served in the Second World War.

Reflections on the medium experience

 Before the experience I believed firmly in consciousness after death but I had no idea in what form consciousness survived.   I was surprised to find that the spirits of long dead relatives still had their terrestrial identity.   Perhaps they’d moved on but were able to re-assume their previous identity.

One of the most impressive moments in establishing that the medium really was in touch with my late father was her statement ‘There’s an anniversary, a birthday coming up soon.   Three weeks tops’.   Exactly three weeks from the date of the session was 10th November which would have been my father’s 94th birthday and would be my grandson’s first.   The distinction between ‘anniversary’ and ‘birthday’ was typical of my father’s care in choice of words.  

Another impressive moment was when she described my father as stroking her brow – exactly what I did to him at his bedside.


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