John Hendry
Author Introduce

    My favourite piece of music … Beethoven’s 14th string quartet in C-sharp minor op 131 Why do you like such-and-such a piece of music? I dunno … I just like it.     ‘“The ‘Mozart Effect’ is the term most often used to describe the brain-boosting power of music, in that a study […]
Bracken  …  1990 – 2002

  We found Bracken as a pup on a farm just north of Ripon.   Mum was a lovely springer-spaniel:  Dad was a border-collie from the next farm.   The collie half was obedient, disciplined, responsible:  the springer half was party party party.   Another consequence was that he was always very excited by sheep and, because Springers […]
Tree of Sorrows

I was an only child.   My mother rejected me as a child and my father rejected me as a teenager.   I remember my mother being cold towards me – holding me at arm’s length.   If I was ill or in pain, she showed no warmth or compassion.   I believe her rejection of me started at […]
The world is changing

    I sometimes sense the world is changing almost too fast for its inhabitants – at least for us older ones. Elizabeth 2nd (b.1926), Queen of England, on a tour of Pakistan, 1997.   I agree with Her Majesty.   For some time now I’ve been convinced that people born around the middle of last […]

  overview without absence … right speech without primness … distance without indifference … self-honouring without complacency … creative chaos without slovenliness … dutiful without self-abnegation … outsiderness without cynicism … awakeness without self-regard … gratitude without kneeling … time without timing … effort without stress … anger without rage … risk without crazy … […]
My Host

  My host is called John.   John Hendry.   He’s been my host for 74 years now so we’ve got to know each other pretty well.   His first inkling that he was my host appeared when he was six or seven.   He called it awareness and hoped to find others like him.   This hope lasted into […]