Bracken  …  1990 – 2002

  We found Bracken as a pup on a farm just north of Ripon.   Mum was a lovely springer-spaniel:  Dad was a border-collie from the next farm.   The collie half was obedient, disciplined, responsible:  the springer half was party party party.   Another consequence was that he was always very excited by sheep and, because Springers […]
My Host

  My host is called John.   John Hendry.   He’s been my host for 74 years now so we’ve got to know each other pretty well.   His first inkling that he was my host appeared when he was six or seven.   He called it awareness and hoped to find others like him.   This hope lasted into […]

Some time ago I decided we had far too many books so I started giving them away in the street.   I found myself judging which book to give to which passer-by and I quickly came to the conclusion that this was at best risky and at worst patronising.   Then came the time when a woman […]
For my children

  Now I’ve ‘mastered’ the technology I’m hoping to send my family a regular newsletter.   I suppose it’s to compensate for my reluctance to make ‘phone calls. In ‘The Roots of Coincidence’ – Arthur Koestler’s last book before he died ten years or so ago, he said that, if we could harness the energy behind […]

(From my m-b-s autobiography Life and Soul – cheapest at Amazon.) I call it surge.   I first experienced it by proxy watching Pasolini’s The Gospel According to St Matthew, as healer, moralist, and possible avatar, Jesus of Nazareth, starts on his mission of performing miracles and rounding up apostles.   It also appears, in a wonderful […]
Being 72

At the risk of being accused of self-indulgence I’d like to tell you what it’s like for me to be 72.  Being elderly isn’t a problem: given how many of us don’t make it to over seventy it’s a privilege.  Recent research has shown that we age at different rates.   Some thirty year olds have […]
Annual Detox

Every January we do a month’s detox according to Jane Scrivener’s excellent ‘Detox Yourself’. It’s fun counting your ticks at the end of each day.   Liver tonics: black grapes, a clove of garlic, carrot/beetroot juice, 2 cups of fennel or dandelion tea.   Kidney tonics: slowly sip a tsp of honey in hot water, cranberry juice/cranberries.   […]
Meditation Revisited

I covered meditation in two newsletters in the summer of 2013: they’re available at my website   I’ve recently added to my method a technique which is a take on yoga nidra and the first stage in a hypnotic induction.   I find now that I can comfortably meditate for an hour or more and, if […]

We’ve had our allotment for around 15 years.  Anthea’s the brains behind the outfit:  I’m the labourer. I get all the building materials free – throw-aways on building sites and skips, pebbles from a beach.   Sometimes neighbours donate stuff. I built the terrace and paths from scrap flagstones, bricks, and timber.  I’ve made four […]