Jeremy Corbyn Revisited

I was born in 1943 so my early experience of prime ministers featured, for the Conservatives – Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan, and Ted Heath: for Labour – Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson, and Jim Callaghan. For the past 36 years – more than a generation – our prime ministers have been centre – right.   […]
September 2016

  In his Poetics Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) – provided a guidebook for Greek poets and dramatists, especially tragedians.   It included his insistence on The Three Unities: Action – the plot must feature one story so sub-plots forbidden, Time – the play must take place in real time but with a maximum of 24 […]
Number 83

Roxanna Panufnik (b. 1968 London) She’s the British daughter of the Polish composer and conductor, Sir Andrzj Panufnik (1914-91).   She studied composition at London’s Royal College of Music and her works include opera, ballet, chamber, music for film and tv – and relevant here – choral.   She’s a fusion composer embracing, among others, middle eastern […]
Scottish Independence

Are you English or British? In India an oriental monk with a shaven head with pigtail and a yellow robe asked me where I was from.   ‘England’, I said automatically. I’m English and a Scot Nat. There was the time I got a taxi in Glasgow.   We got on to football.   I understood some of […]
Poverty Under The Tories

‘The less well off’ are queuing at Food Banks.   The Guardian of 30th November had a page 4 headline: ‘On the breadline: UK launches biggest charity food drive since the war’. And underneath: ‘… with the aim of collecting thousands of tonnes of groceries to give to hungry and penniless families over Christmas’.   The British […]