Bracken  …  1990 – 2002

  We found Bracken as a pup on a farm just north of Ripon.   Mum was a lovely springer-spaniel:  Dad was a border-collie from the next farm.   The collie half was obedient, disciplined, responsible:  the springer half was party party party.   Another consequence was that he was always very excited by sheep and, because Springers […]
Tree of Sorrows

I was an only child.   My mother rejected me as a child and my father rejected me as a teenager.   I remember my mother being cold towards me – holding me at arm’s length.   If I was ill or in pain, she showed no warmth or compassion.   I believe her rejection of me started at […]
For my children

  Now I’ve ‘mastered’ the technology I’m hoping to send my family a regular newsletter.   I suppose it’s to compensate for my reluctance to make ‘phone calls. In ‘The Roots of Coincidence’ – Arthur Koestler’s last book before he died ten years or so ago, he said that, if we could harness the energy behind […]
My Wife, Anthea

Some of you know my wife for 47 years, Anthea.   Three of you call her ‘Mum’.   I call her ‘My love’.   Some of you may not have seen her recently and may be wondering how she’s doing.   I took this the other evening while we were watching a film: Waiting to watch Andy Murray play […]
My Father’s Death

I’ve been working on portraits.   This uses cross-hatching.   I do a series, bluetak them to the wall … see where they’re heading. ‘PINA’- a film for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders (Germany 2011) ‘Pina Bausch, who died suddenly in 2009, was a legend in the world of modern dance, and Wim Wenders’ evocative, visually powerful […]
Reasons to be Cheerful

Once upon a time a young lad was out riding his pony deep in the Scottish countryside and, when they came to a lowish wall, the pony baulked and the rider flew out of the saddle and landed in an awkward heap on the other side of the wall.  When he tried to get up, […]