(From my m-b-s autobiography Life and Soul – cheapest at Amazon.) I call it surge.   I first experienced it by proxy watching Pasolini’s The Gospel According to St Matthew, as healer, moralist, and possible avatar, Jesus of Nazareth, starts on his mission of performing miracles and rounding up apostles.   It also appears, in a wonderful […]

Actor Ashley Judd on a demo.   She plays strong women e.g opposite Morgan Freeman in Kiss the Girls.   A recent Bath Literature Festival included a debate Does Feminism have to start all over again?   One speaker who’d answer Yes was Finn Mackay, a young Bristol University academic specialising in Feminist Studies.   The capacity crowd cheered […]
Our Little Grandson’s Future

I’ve been speculating recently about what the future may hold for Riley our first grandchild now 18 month:, what dangers lie ahead, and how his lifetime will compare with those of my wife, Anthea, and me.   We were born in the middle of the 2nd World War.   We had blackout curtains so communities would be […]
Are The Kids Alright?

Yesterday evening I went to my first African drumming class at Prince Henry’s Grammar School.   Mum could hear us as she went to her nearby yoga session.   Three fellers (the other two play in bands), four women, and Alison, the hyperactive teacher.   Two of the women were seriously obese and one of them was with […]