46a - Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

I’m in the foreground of this photo.   The Hindu temple is believed to be 5,000 years old.   It reveals that since our visit three years ago five vaults 20 feet underground have been opened for the first time. The ‘Nexus’ feature reveals   ‘They discovered highly valuable gold and diamond jewellery, gold utensils, weapons, gold elephant idols, bags full of gold coins including Roman and Napoleonic, and other treasures including gold chains, each studded with jewels and 18 feet long – the length of the idol.’

One vault remains closed – the mysterious sixth vault known as ‘Vault B’.   It’s believed to be especially sacred and that opening it would prove highly dangerous.   ‘The iron door of Vault B has no nuts, bolts, or other latches.’ It’s further thought that the door will only open if a sacred mantra is chanted by an appropriately holy person.   So far no-one has succeeded.

Attempting to open the door by other methods are said to be fraught with danger.   There is thought to be a tunnel linking the vault to the Indian Ocean so that it would be flooded.   It is also believed that opening the door inappropriately would unleash a noxious gas that would prove fatal.   It could be guarded by cobras or some unknown mighty power.

Ancient Hindu texts mention flying machines and laser-like lights that descend and kill anyone in their path.   One theory is that such an aircraft, in Sanskrit, ‘Saubha Vimana’, is housed within Vault B.

(Thanks to Thomas Ritter for his feature ‘The Gold of a Hindu God’. Nexus April-May 2013)

Last autumn my consultant, Mr Jain, told me that by next spring I’d be back to my former level of fitness.   As we still shiver in single figure temperatures, I reckon I’ve still got a few weeks to go.


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