When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in the Spring of 2012, my immediate thought was ‘Hello … I’m in for an interesting adventure’.   Hence the title.

I suppose it started two and a half years ago when we were in India and I passed a couple of pints of what looked like beetroot juice.   I put it down to the local diet and didn’t mention it to anyone.   But I awaited the next pee with an unusual degree of interest.   Back to normal.

Then this Spring I noticed my urine was slightly pinkish on two occasions but that apart it was normal.   I was to learn later during one of many urine tests that blood in urine isn’t always visible to the naked eye.   Anyway, I went along to see the GP.

Through Spring and ‘Summer’ I had a variety of tests including a scan that revealed a five cm tumour attached to the wall of the bladder.   Cancer cells were eating into the wall of the bladder where the tumour touched it.   So the first step was to remove the tumour.


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