Dr Jagdev wrote a sympathetic reply saying she’d passed my letter to a matron who rang to explain that there’s a 48 hour tolerance before an all-day treatment because of the gap but only 24 hours before the short treatment because of the immediate effects of the previous week’s all-day treatment.

I’ve assumed that, because I can’t attribute my cancer to diet or lifestyle, it must be hereditary … my mother had breast cancer and died of bowel cancer at the age of 77.   But I came across an interesting piece of research the other day … from the States I seem to recall.   Apparently, there’s little evidence to associate cancer with heredity.   It was found, however, that there is a link with parents when the parents are adoptive: adopted children often follow their adoptive parents in developing cancer.   The conclusion is that lifestyle, rather than heredity, is paramount as an influence.  

When leaving the oncology unit the other day, I saw an elderly couple walking slowly towards me.   They could have been grandparents.   They were both bowed and clouded with anxiety.   He was holding two bulging carrier-bags.   On top of one of them an elderly teddy bear peeped out.



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