I could write lots more about my stay in hospital but I want to get to the present.   I’d made a note of the name of every member of staff I came into contact with and when I left I gave away half a dozen or more painted glasses with candles in and from home I sent one of my A4 spirit collage cards to each ward with the Rumi quote ‘I have lived on the lip of insanity, wanting to know reasons, knocking on a door.   It opens.   I’ve been knocking from the inside’ on one side and on the other a circle in the middle with ‘The stuff you do for complete strangers is awesome’ and then strung bubbles all over with the names in.  

After five nights in my pool of light I was ready to come home and suddenly the blood clots stopped and the urine was clear of blood and I texted Anthea with the wonderful words ‘Please come and collect me’.

Our daughter, Melissa, sent a kind text saying I was being brave.   Much appreciated.   But I replied ‘You have to be afraid to be brave and I’m not afraid’.


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