I came across this exercise, which I found very helpful, in a workshop along the lines of Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God’.

Imagine a line on the floor in front of you.   The left end is misery: the right end is joy.   Stand on the line at the position you find most appropriate to you at the moment.   Just imagine it if you prefer.


Take one step towards joy. Pause …





What has happened to allow that step?

*         *         *

It’s not about how old you are but how you’re old … Brian Blessed

*         *         *

Thought: By the sea at night it occurred to me that I can look back ten years and remember the ignorance which the succeeding decade has rid me of: I can also look forward ten years and imagine what new things I’ll have learned by then.   Why not incorporate them into the here and now?

I sometimes get ideas that would make me a millionaire.   For instance, George Osborne Smiling toilet paper.   They’d be queuing round the corner.   Which is what I said in my letter to Andrex.   Waiting for a reply.

*         *         *

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