I came across this story from Andrew Harvey in ‘Cygnus Review’ … Issue 6 2011.   It was told to him by an elderly Greek Orthodox monk whom he met in a monastery in central Greece.

There was a poor young man who lived in a village in the Pelepponese who had a dream.   In it he saw a courtyard with turquoise tiles with an old man sitting on a vast pile of treasure.   The old man said to him ‘All this treasure belongs to you.   Come and get it!   You’ll find me at 3 Stassinopolos Street in Salonika’.   When the poor man woke up, he leapt for joy.   ‘God is good!   God has told me how I can become very rich!   And in such a detailed way too!’

So he set out immediately for Salonika.   Well, to cut a long story short, everything conceivable happened to him to stop him getting there for years.   He was robbed, beaten, left for dead, sold into slavery for two decades on the Barbary Coast.    As a middle aged man, weary, disillusioned, he found himself in Salonika at last and decided ‘What the hell, I’ll see if Stassinopolis Street really exists’.

Well, it did exist and there was a number 3.   And, sure enough, when he entered through the door, he saw an old man sitting on a bench in the sunlight in a courtyard with turquoise tiles just like the old man in the dream.   His heart leapt with joy.

The old man looked up at him and clapped his hands.   ‘Oh, you have come at last. You are the man I saw in a dream I had many years ago!   Many years ago I dreamed of a poor young man who lived in a village somewhere in the Peleponnese.   He was sitting on his broken down cot, and underneath his cot there was a gleaming pile of treasure.   I meant to set out and see if I could find the man, but life intervened and I never did.’

All at once, the young man who had been looking for Stassinopolis Street understood: the treasure he’d been hunting for so long was all the time within his deepest self.

There was a wonderful Boris Johnsonism the other day.   He was doing a live on R4’s ‘Today’: ‘I can give you an absolute YES on that … oh yes … a one hundred per cent YES.   What was the question again?’ 

And from Kids Company founder, Camila Batmanghelidhjh, interviewed in the Guardian:

What is your greatest fear?


27 - Osho 27 - The Meditating Thief

(From Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita ‘Living a Tantric Lifestyle’ in ‘Paradigm Shift’)

Who was it said ‘A society that no longer believes in God doesn’t believe in nothing: it believes in anything’?


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